Vehicle Tracking System

GPS vehicle tracking systems are used for tracking the vehicles. These vehicle tracking devices are placed in the vehicle. This allows tracking very movement of the vehicle at any point of time. Its location, its speed and all the history of the vehicle travelled so far. Sense manufactures very effective and efficient vehicle tracking systems for managing the business fleet. Our vehicle tracking systems are very useful for those business owners who are seeking control business operations. The vehicle tracking systems developed by us can help you in case of theft of the vehicle and its recovery.

GPS Portable Vehicle Tracker
Ultra-small, palm size
One Button, easy to use
No control center -- No privacy concern
Long standby time
GPS Vehicle Tracker
Latest SiRFstarIII GPS module
Wide range power supply (6-37 Volt)
Sleep mode for GPRS cost/power saving
Driver ID checking
GPS Waterproof Vehicle Tracker
IP67 rated waterproof
Wide range power supply (+9 ~ +37 Volt)
Real time alarm and alert notification
Sleep mode for GPRS cost/power saving
GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracker
Minimum Illumination

Satellite GSM GPS Hybrid Tracker
Integrates both GSM/GPRS and satellite networks for hybrid GPS tracking solution
4 Inputs / 4 Outputs for extensive connection to sensors
Enhanced power range from 9 ~ 48V with enhanced power input protection with ISO7637
Rugged design with IP-67 waterproof standard
Waterproof Covert Tracker
Image Sensor
Minimum Illumination

Fleet Management Vehicle Tracker
Latest uBlox LEA 5S GPS module for fast accurate performance
Wide range power supply (9-37 Volt), high power surge protection
Bluetooth for GPS data output (navigation)
Panic input/automatic emergency dial-out